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Nargis' Story

“He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao Tzu

A little about me…

My name is Nargis and I hold my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I am an educator and lifelong practitioner of masterful living with over a decade of experience and formal education in the field of psychology. Having your doctorate in psychology in no way means that you are a master of any kind. A degree provides us with the information and the theories we need, but information without application is useless. As a masterful coach you have to practice what you preach, walk the talk and talk the walk.

As Emmanuel Kant stated, “Science is organized knowledge, wisdom is organized life.” See, wisdom is the art of living your truths; to live wisely is to live masterfully. And the way to being masterful in life is to take the knowledge and apply it to your life.


Being on a spiritual path is being on a path of self-discovery. I started my journey of self-discovery at a young age through my own intuitive abilities. Probably much like you, once I started working on my spiritual potential, I thought I had all the answers and that I would experience life-changing miracles. I read all the right books, attended workshops, talks, mastermind group, and studied other masterful leaders; however, I still wasn’t experiencing the change I was looking for. I was still bothered by current life situations and highly sensitive to events happening in my outside world. I was relying on outside forces to come to the rescue and not taking control of my own life. I didn’t feel balanced in my life and constantly on an emotional rollercoaster. My INNER STRUGGLE was very real, and it was starting to impact my relationships in life. I started questioning my studies and if I was doing something wrong. Why wasn’t I feeling more accomplished and happy in life? Why wasn’t I advancing faster with all the studying I was doing? If you can relate to any of this, then you probably know the struggle it took to finally realize that INFORMATION DOES NOT HEAL!

Reading a lot of books and acquiring knowledge is not the same as application. Living wisely or masterfully means living and breathing the knowledge! See, if we rely on something from outside of ourselves to fix us, then our core belief is that of lack. And if we believe we are lacking, then nothing from the outside can fix us and we continue attracting lack. Our core beliefs determine what cycles and mental paradigm we find ourselves in, and these cycles ultimately shape our concrete realities.

I pursued my degrees in psychology as a means to get to know myself and deepen my understanding of human nature and the world around us, so I can help in making a positive change in the world through my own contribution. But simply studying and working in the field of psychology was not enough. Through my experiences, and in-depth self-study and application of the governing laws around us, I was not only able to deepen my understanding of our human potential, but also practically experience a deeper level of existence. See, living life masterfully means you experience it through a super-conscious state. Through my masterful coaching platform, my desire is to pass the torch and help others who are on the path of self-discovery become masterful beings and tap into their super-conscious mind.

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