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"I am a newly licensed LCSW and I was struggling to break free from fear of failure and start my private practice.  Nargis and Joe both helped me to transform how I view my work and life by focusing on purpose , passion, and meaning.  With their expert and personalized guidance, I was able to ground my business plan and marketing on my values and passion for connecting with people.  Thanks to Joe and Nargis, I was able to overcome my fear and find courage and freedom in starting a private practice that provides financial, intellectual and spiritual rewards.  Both Nargis and Joe are so empathetic, encouraging and empowering.  I felt understood and appreciated by them as a whole person.  With their guidance and coaching, I was able to start a business grounded in living a good life.  And from this grounding, all kinds of success are beginning to bloom.  They helped me to transform my life into something more integrated and open.  They truly embody and live out the principles of integrating mind, body and spirit and I am so grateful to have worked with them to break free of fear and follow my passion and purpose." 


Bethany Dunn, LCSW

"From my first coaching session with OSS, I walked away with huge insights that really set the course for shifting my mindset and the direction of my life. OSS helped me identify what I really want and what really matters to me. I was able to recognize the disconnection between how I was prioritizing those things in my life. The approach used was very effective because it truly embodied alignment and balance in one’s life. I was able to make rather significant changes in areas of my life both personally and professionally that I felt stuck in. Not only did I have numerous insights that I could apply to my current circumstances, but I also took away a new and deeper understanding of living a more balanced life. The experience has been invaluable in that it has allowed me to apply new skill sets into my  personal and professional life."

Sydney Schultz

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