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We offer training programs and individual coaching and consulting services for transforming your life and peaking your performance. If you're looking to change careers, start your own business,  wanting that promotion at work, or you simply just want more control and satisfaction in life, well this is your ticket for the UPGRADE you've been looking for. 

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We offer Value-Based Coaching Services



Optimal Self Solutions (OSS) was founded by husband and wife, Joe Lorenzana, DBH, MSW, and Nargis Mozafari, Psy.D. At Optimal Self Solutions, we strive at helping people transform into their most optimal versions and experience new levels of success in their everyday lives and career. We are both mental health professionals, with over a decade of experience of working in the “traditional” system serving individuals with co-morbid medical and mental health conditions. Nargis has her doctorate in clinical psychology and Joe has his master’s in social work and human relations.

We both followed the “traditional” path of education and employment; however, the rate of change we were seeing using the traditional models of care were discouraging and it left us feeling drained and tiresome. We pursued graduate degrees because we had a passion for making a difference in the world; however, the difference we were making was just not enough for us. We were stripped of our time serving the 9-5 and dissatisfied with life. So, we decided to listen to our inner voice and break free. We decided to pursue our dreams, and build a life that finally gave us the satisfaction we were looking for, both personally and professionally, and put us in control of our own lives. And we desire to help others reach that same level of satisfaction; all you need to do now is take that first step to having YOUR dreams realized. 



At OSS, we believe in the importance of balancing the mind-body-spirit in order to expand your growth and reach your true human potential. We are lifelong seekers of wisdom and truth, and believe that with the right knowledge and mental paradigm, anything is possible! 

Our masterful classes and coaching experience are for people like you and me, who have a burning desire to transform their lives and peak their performance in all areas of life, personal and professional. Through balancing your mind, body, and spirit and adapting a mental paradigm for success you will be in better control of your life, be more successful at your job, and you will activate the Powerhouse within you. Life was meant for living at its most optimal, and when we deny ourselves a balanced life, we deny ourselves our nature-given human rights! Break free of the old ways that are no longer serving you and enjoy living a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity!

Self Optimization Coaching

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Lao Tzu

"He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened."

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Personal Accountability Coach, Therapist, Speaker

I am dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to reach optimal versions of themselves. Fueled by a love for wisdom and eastern philosophy I focus on improving the lives of our clients through self-realization. It is through the process of self-realization that one begins to see the interrelated links between our thoughts, behaviors, and the accumulating effects it has on our lives. 

It is my goal and mission to help our clients realize their highest and fullest potential, and that they in turn would cultivate within themselves higher states of awareness. Everything in life is a mirrored reflection of who we are within. Success is not something that one attains, but rather emanates from within us.

- Joe

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Human Potential Coach, Consultant, Psychologist, Speaker

I am a lifelong seeker of truth, wisdom, and the arts with an innate passion for human psychology. Despite my formal schooling and following the “traditional” path, I always had an innate, burning desire for understanding human nature and the universal laws of nature that govern us. I believe in the merging of eastern and western philosophy in reaching our true human potential, which can reach levels far beyond our current level of understanding. I have extensive experience of working in the mental health field with issues related to anxiety, depression, chronic pain, advanced illness, severe mental illness, and lifestyle choices.  

I follow the mind-body-spirit paradigm in my work and believe in the importance of balance in order to experience lasting success. I have a passion for learning and a critical understanding of masterful living, conscious marketing, and mindful leadership. My goal is to help individuals and entrepreneurs rise to their limitless possibilities, and in doing so, create global change.

- Nargis  

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Through a proven step-by-step system, our masterful coaching platform is about helping you align your inner workings with the outer workings so you can experience the personal power, success, and value you desire in life! Whether you are a seeker, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, psychologist, therapist, medical provider, nurse, or any other professional, our masterful living program will provide you with the foundation you need to experience lasting success in both your personal and professional life. 


3-Month Accelerated Masterful Living Course

Pay $500/month for 3 months

The Masterful Living Program is a 3-month long accelerated course centered around a weekly live online class with a Q&A session at the end. The program consists of a total of 12 comprehensive sessions with each week focusing on a specific aspect of the mind-body-spirit paradigm and mindful leadership. The focus of the accelerated program is to give you an experience that is transformational, and not just informational. 

Class Instructor: Dr. NargisMozafari

Accountability Coach: Joe Lorenzana

Classes held virtually. 


Individual Coaching
Pay $750/month for 3 months

Become a Master through our 9 week individual coaching experience. You can sit around and hope that things will just magically change for you, or you can take charge of your life and use the powers of deep thought to see miraculous change happen. Individual coaching is centered around a mind-body-spirit paradigm with a personalized action plan in order to give you your desired results and help you become a Master. We focus on masterful living and/or mindful leadership. Coaching will be designed to meet your specific needs.

Coaches: Dr. Nargis Mozafari

                    Joe Lorenzana


Group Coaching
Pay $244 per month

An ongoing, interactive weekly mind-body-spirit group centered around a live online class. Each week we will focus on a new topic and leave time for group discussion and participation. We focus on helping you understand the fundamentals of our threefold existence, build skills to reach mastery of your thoughts, actions, and feelings, and learn how to connect to your most inner-self. This group offers you a supportive community of value-driven individuals where you can reflect on your experiences as you learn new ways to transform your life and receive coaching in a group setting. 

Group Facilitator: Dr. Nargis Mozafari

Sessions held virtually.

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 With the right mental paradigm, anything is possible

The foundation of our lives start with our mental paradigm and worldview. Faulty thinking paired with negative core believes is the recipe for disaster.


 Integration of the mind-body-spirit to reach your full potential

The mind-body-spirit paradigm is a representation of our thoughts, actions, and feelings, respectively in that order. To live a balanced life means we have to balance our threefold existence and integrate them into our lives equally in order to become a powerhouse of success. Integrating your mind, body, and spirit is the start of exploring true human potential and peaking your performance.


 Align your inner workings with your outer workings for the best value

Once you have aligned your inner workings you will reach a state of peace, focus, clarity, and control. When you align your inner workings with the outer workings you will skyrocket your success, confidence, and commitment.


 Life-changing experience in a short 3-month period

In our fast-paced world and lifestyles, time is of the essence. We find ourselves in a time where value speaks for itself. All you need is 3-months to set the foundation for transformative change and develop a success mindset. Why drag something out for 6-months or 1-year, when you can achieve it in 3-months. Through a proven system and a group of people to support and guide you, you will learn and apply the skills for masterful living. This course requires your desire, belief, and commitment, and you are bound to see lasting change.

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"I am a newly licensed LCSW and I was struggling to break free from fear of failure and start my private practice.  Nargis and Joe both helped me to transform how I view my work and life by focusing on purpose and passion and meaning.  With their expert and personalized guidance, I was able to ground my business plan and marketing on my values and passion for connecting with people.  Thanks to Joe and Nargis, I was able to overcome my fear and find courage and freedom in starting a private practice that provides financial, intellectual and spiritual rewards.  Both Nargis and Joe are so empathetic, encouraging and empowering.  I felt understood and appreciated by them as a whole person.  With their guidance and coaching, I was able to start a business grounded in living a good life.  And from this grounding, all kinds of success are beginning to bloom.  They helped me to transform my life into something more integrated and open.  They truly embody and live out the principles of integrating mind, body and spirit and I am so grateful to have worked with them to break free of fear and follow my passion and purpose." 


Bethany Dunn, LCSW

"From my first coaching session with OSS, I walked away with huge insights that really set the course for shifting my mindset and the direction of my life. OSS helped me identify what I really want and what really matters to me. I was able to recognize the disconnection between how I was prioritizing those things in my life. The approach used was very effective because it truly embodied alignment and balance in one’s life. I was able to make rather significant changes in areas of my life both personally and professionally that I felt stuck in. Not only did I have numerous insights that I could apply to my current circumstances, but I also took away a new and deeper understanding of living a more balanced life. The experience has been invaluable in that it has allowed me to apply new skill sets into my  personal and professional life."

Sydney Schultz

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

Values Based Coaching
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We don't just offer SOLUTIONS for day-to-day living,  but SOUL-LUTIONS to help you transform your life!

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