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The Power of E-motions

Our emotions can either serve us or destroy us. Our level of emotional control ultimately transcends into the level of emotional intelligence that we exert in our daily lives. It impacts how we see ourselves in relation to others and the world around us, and it determines our level of functionality both in the work place and our personal lives.

Diving a little deeper into our emotions, we start seeing the true power behind them. What we think of as emotion is really the experience of energy moving through our body. In other words, e-motions are energy in motion. See, the Latin derivative for the word, ‘emotere,’ literally means energy in motion.

So, our emotions are the energy in motion that create our day-to-day experiences and shape our personal realities. See, our emotions are a lot more powerful than what we give them credit for.

If I ask you to remember a significant life event, any event, most likely, you will pick an event, subconsciously, that has a high degree of emotion attached to it. Now, the emotion can be negative or positive, what matters is the intensity of the actual feeling that was felt as the feeling leads to the remembering of the event.

Levels of Experience

We, human beings, create our realities/experiences on three levels on a daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not. These three levels of creation are closely associated to our threefold existence (mind-body-spirit).

Level one of creation is our thoughts. It is at this level where all of creation begins, everything starts with a thought. Level two of creation is our actions. This is when we take a thought and we slowly put it into movement. And level three of creation, which is also our strongest source of creation, is our feelings. This is when we take a thought and action and infuse it with an emotion to ultimately bring the experience into existence.

Now, where our creative powers become interesting is when we bring in the works of the field of energy that surrounds us. See, each level of creation (thought-action-feeling) has a degree of energy attached to it.

Our emotions have three times more energy attached to them then our thoughts and actions alone, which is why they are our most powerful source of creation. They are the most powerful source of creation, but for most of us also the hardest part of our being to control.

If you are familiar with the field of psychology and a lot of the evidence-based treatments, you will notice that there is a great emphasis on emotional regulation and adapting healthy thought patterns. Well, that is because what we think and feel, we ultimately attract and create. Meaning whatever thoughts and feelings you associate yourself with most of the time, will determine the experiences you bring into existence for yourself.

Lets say we have worked a great deal on our thought patterns and mindset, and have aligned our actions to match our thoughts, but we have not mastered our feelings or at least have learned to regulate them, your life will remain an emotional rollercoaster, feeling like its outside of your control.

Our feelings have the power to make us or break us. But if we do not master them or at least learn how to effectively regulate them, especially in highly charged situations, we will fall victim to them over and over again. This is why a lot of people find themselves feeling “stuck” or facing internal roadblocks.

This is where mastery becomes important. If by now you understand the power of your emotions, and you have gained a high level of control over them, meaning you do not simply act every time you feel, then you have become an active, conscious participant in creating your own reality.

The ability to live in alignment with your emotions can also be referred to as emotional intelligence, which research has shown is just as important, if not more important than cognitive intelligence. Possessing cognitive intelligence is only half of the equation. If you want to experience lasting success and become a true master of your life, then you have to work on both your cognitive and emotional intelligence.

Here is some inspirational food for thought:

“Emotions are the driving force within us. They can flow gently as the waters of a stream or become the raging waters of rivers.” ~ Joe Lorenzana

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