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Mind-Body-Spirit Paradigm

When I began to research for our training program, I looked into our health statistics and general well-being data to explore if there is any connection between our physical/mental/emotional health and spirituality. I was stunned to find the number of mental health professionals who had explored the same question as I did: is it our loss of connection to the “spirit self” and our lack of understanding that we are a part of something much greater than ourselves, that is causing the increase in mental health problems and disease. Our healthcare statistics were quiet disheartening, especially in our modern age, and they painted a clear picture that something in our global system and scientific approach to care is not working, especially in effectively treating mental/emotional health problems. It was also astonishing to find how many healthcare professionals feel uncomfortable or insecure about including the spirit into their work.

Now, to fully understand the meaning of the spiritual or spirit self, one has to understand the nature of our threefold existence. Human beings are made of a mind, body, and spirit. We can also call this the physical self, mental self, and emotional self, or, more simply, as our thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Harmonizing our physical, mental, and spiritual natures is the key to reaching our true human potential and experiencing higher levels of success in all facets of life. This three-part existence is the source of all creation. Creation can also be referred to as experience. These two terms are interchangeable. When we experience an event in the real world, we have actually created it. So, creation demonstrates itself in the form of an experience.

We create the world around us with our thoughts, actions, and feelings, meaning we operate and sustain our human system within three levels of creation. The relationship and creative force between our threefold existence is phenomenal, and it really shows for a proven method if you want to bring something to life or create lasting change. In other words, our thoughts are our first level of experience, followed by our words. Everything we say is a thought expressed. Our actions, which are our second level of experience, are our words in movement. Our feelings, which are our third and deepest level of experience, are our thoughts and words materialized.

To really understand the relationship, I’ll give you an example. Thoughts are like seeds, when you keep thinking about something, eventually that can become a reality. So if your thoughts are the seeds, then your actions are the watering of the seeds. And when you attend to a seed long enough, you develop feelings or an attachment to it. Once you act with feeling, your actions then have a higher degree of energy attached to it, and with that energy the seed grows from a small, tiny pit into a large plant. We literally get to choose what seeds we want to water and grow into a plant. So, the challenge than becomes to make sure you are planting the right kind of seeds. If you want apples, you have to plant apple seeds. You cannot plant cactus seeds and expect apples to grow. It is through these three levels of experience or creation that we shape our everyday occurrences. We can either consciously take part in it or unconsciously play along, that choice is up to us.

Once you understand the relationship between your thoughts, actions, and feelings, you will start to realize the importance of balancing your mind-body-spirit in order to experience the life you desire. When we do not attend to all three parts of our existence, we start to experience problems or an imbalance in our lives. For some, the imbalance makes itself known in their physical health, for others it is in their mental and emotional health, or in their relationships or functionality at work, and for a large number of people it is a combination of problems in multiple facets of their life.

Let us take depression or anxiety as an example. Someone who continues to have thoughts of “I’m a failure” or “I’m not good enough,” will end up isolating or disengaging from any activities, which ultimately leaves them feeling sad and helpless. Their mental and emotional state will take a great toll on their relationships and work performance, and before you know it they have reached a state of hopelessness. Now, this vicious cycle will continue day after day, unless the person becomes conscious and intervenes to break the cycle that they have ultimately created themselves. Remember the example from above, whatever seeds you water are the fruits that you will bear. So, if you water the “failure” seed, then you will create and experience failure. This example goes for any circumstance or experience in our lives, positive or negative. The longer we neglect our threefold existence, the worse the problem becomes; and, this is really what our healthcare statistics reflect on a collective whole, a loss of the “spirit” within our mainstream world.

See, our modern science has reduced the human being to a mind and a body, which is why our current systems of care are feeling challenged in providing effective and efficient care. When we define the human being within a wider field, consisting of a mind-body-spirit, rather than within a bio-evolutionary model, consisting of mind and body only, we dive into the quantum realm, the underlying energetic realm. We slowly move away from our “mainstream,” materialistic way of thinking and traditional paradigm, and into the new age and new paradigm that is more closely linked to our natural state being.

We'd like to leave you with some inspirational food for thought...

What I Found

I went out into the world to find the answers. What I found was that the earth was small, but consciously infinite. There is no beginning and there is no end. We are all traversing a vast and limitless wave of existence. ~ Joe Lorenzana

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