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The Wise Tree

I want to tell you a story about two trees in a forest. One was the old wise one and the other a small young one that had just began its journey.

The young tree felt inadequate being amongst the great giants. He had yet to realize the stature of his inner self and who he was. He had yet to realize that what he perceived as giants were but those that had realized their inner voice and had matured. He wanted to become a giant but did not think it was possible. He wanted to attain those heights in a moment’s notice not realizing that the giants had reached their heights over time.

The wise tree looked down onto the newly sprouted tree and said, “The hardest part in one’s evolution is getting to a point where one believes in himself. If you keep yourself in too much darkness you will not grow. Look for the light if you want to grow.”

How we can relate:

You see, some of us are like the newly sprouted tree that is aspiring to become a giant. We have yet to realize who we are, so we compare and contrast ourselves to others not realizing that we are all giants in the making. Our current state of awareness or consciousness limits our perception of reality. Just like the young tree cannot see that he is the same as the wise tree, we do not see that we are as great as those that we aspire to be, those that we admire. We see those that have achieved success as something that is outside of ourselves as opposed to that which is already inside of ourselves.

You see, people can only function at the level of awareness in which they currently find themselves in. What is perceived by the individual is in direct relation to their awareness. Ones level of awareness is an ever-evolving process by which past mistakes serve as a platform to evolve further. Life is a matter of evolution that flows through a continuum of constant change. We are all students in this game of life, and as such we all function according to our level of conscious growth. We are forever changing as the seasons.

As the wise tree would say, “do not feel disgruntled that your leaves have fallen in the winter, young one, it is the clearing of the old that will make way for the new.” In time, the young tree will become wise and understand it all. He will take his place amongst the great giants and spread his wisdom as the formers did.

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